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Incorporation: August 2000


both full time and part time: about 100


GRY-OnLine S.A.

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Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA, SWIFT RCBWPLPW

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GRY-Online S.A. is owned by Webedia GmbH

Webedia GmbH, Cuvrystraße 3-410997 Berlin

Products & Services

Game Info Web Portals: (Polish language) established 2001, over 3.000.000 unique users per month. Leader in Polish entertainment vertical portals rankings (including games, film and music). Free standard content + payable premium content and services, including FTP servers and PDF game guides (high quality, over 1000 published so far). (English language) established 2005, over 1.500.000 unique users per month. Free content (in part auto-translated from, including game guides and game movies.

Corporate Services:

Game info content creation and delivery – main customers include largest Polish magazine publisher, Axel Springer Verlag Polska, Orange and Telekomunikacja Polska, largest Polish telecoms. Creating and maintaining gamers communities – mainly for Polish game publishers and distributors.

Games Encyclopedia:

Bestselling multimedia publication, currently edition 2008 (6th edition) in stores. Over 150.000 sold so far, not counting over 250.000 “lite” edition sold with game 1 DVD packed with over 10.000 games info content, including screens, videos, PDF guides, cheats and many more.

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